ABOUT Aim High Marketing

The Quick Version

  • We offer personalized service. You can speak to a human! 
  • We offer a fast turn around. We will be honest with you about your order.
  • We are local. We are in a beautiful, easy to access location that is simple to find in a great area -- not among warehouses in unfamiliar areas. We are right next to the road so you don’t have to drive around looking for us. We are only a few minutes from the interstate. You can actually enjoy a trip to our location so you can see AND feel what we have. 
  • We have samples! Come visit our showroom to check out our work and touch and feel our apparel for comfort and sizing purposes.
  • We use eco-friendly inks.
  • We are veteran owned.

The Whole Story

Who we are and how we came to be…

Indiana native Bryan Lawe always wanted to be an entrepreneur. His grandfather owned a lumberyard and box manufacturing company in Canton, Illinois; during family visits, Bryan spent time with him at work and always had fun. 

But Bryan didn’t just hang out in the office with his grandfather. From a tender age, he swept parking lots, helped his uncles load lumber on trucks, and went on deliveries. As an elementary school kid, he ran lemonade stands and worked as a newspaper carrier. The entrepreneur bug bit him early.

But after high school other duties called first. Bryan served in the US Marine Corps in the infantry during Desert Storm and Somalia from 1989 to 1993. Before he discharged, Bryan’s gunny gave advice: He said to strike it out on his own and not go back to Indiana. The only thing that sounded somewhat interesting in the top 500 career lists he searched was hospitality management. So he headed to Las Vegas. 

As soon as he took his first class at UNLV, Bryan fell in love with conventions and trade shows. A career in that industry became his pursuit. 

In 1994, Amy was a hospitality student on the far side of America at the University of Central Florida. Amy’s university needed someone to come and work on a tradeshow to coordinate meeting rooms, so UNLV sent Bryan because he’d had experience…and that’s where they met.  

They began a long-distance relationship; Bryan finally convinced Amy to move out to Vegas. She started working at the MGM with the reservation department, sales, and other stuff, which lead to a career in destination management with USA Hosts. After Bryan graduated he worked for the Freeman company as a sales manager for 10 years, employed in event management, marketing and booth design. 

In 2005, Bryan and Amy bought into the franchise Goin’ Postal to step toward fulfilling his dream of being an entrepreneur and to get him off the road and settled so that they could spend more time with their children. Amy was doing a whole bunch of eBay back then, so it made sense to jump into the new business with a bit of an umbrella. 

In 2011, they opened Aim High Marketing which evolved out of the direct mail business. Their first order was for 50,000 pieces for Allstate! They continued expanding with printed signs, business cards, and other business items, and finally bought their own equipment to do everything in-house rather than subcontract. Aim High really took off at that point. 

One day in 2020, an employee noticed that “you've got all this [printing] stuff in here” and suggested doing apparel and to create a “one stop shop.” So Bryan and Amy started on a small scale. But the business took off like wildfire and has become the largest, fastest growing segment of Aim High and custom apparel has become a huge part of it’s brand. Today they are able to print thousands of t-shirts for orders rather than only smaller bunches.

Although the Apparel side of their business launched just before the COVID-19 pandemic and did experience a downturn, Bryan and Amy invested in more equipment and made sure everyone was trained to use it in preparation for returning to life after COVID. They also set the place up with racks and dressing rooms which many other companies around town don't have. The couple worked to create a place for customers and clients to have an experience so that when they come in, they can touch and feel, not just look at a catalog.

Bottom line is that Bryan and Amy have created a space and a platform for marketing needs at affordable prices in a convenient location. Easy access to designers enables the couple to give the best customer service available. 

Meeting customer and client needs is of utmost importance; Bryan and Amy strive to make Aim High the best screen printer, the best sign company, the best graphics design place, the best printer, and the best mail house in the beautiful Henderson community and metro Las Vegas area. 

Community Driven

Bryan and Amy Lawe don’t run their business on an island unto themselves. To show appreciation and love for the Henderson community and greater Las Vegas area, they donated shirts to area schools as a “Welcome Back” for students who were launched back into attending in-person classes. 

Bryan was heavily involved in the Henderson Scouts and served as a scout master when he and Amy’s children were growing up. They’ve been involved with the Coronado marching band by donating banners and props, programs, and other items.  

Our Mission

We Aim High to be your one-stop solution for apparel needs. We offer a wide range of products and services at affordable prices, combined with all-around Best. Customer. Service. Ever.



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